About NBB

Rusty-DNT-09In September 2009 a group of social riders decided to enter another event this time under a new name – No Boring Bits, and with plate number 261 sporting flames the revolution begun, the social cycling revolution that is! After that is was a few more events, lots of social rides, get togethers and even a wedding thrown into the mix.

No Boring Bits is about putting the social back into cycling and bringing together riders from all disciplines and of all levels of confidence and fitness, for fun organised rides and bike related activities.

Short local rides – on the roads or trails, weekend excursions, day long adventures, cafe crawls, wine trails, or just simple cruising on the forest trails or rivers and lakes – No Boring Bits is a blend of all the above keeping in mind that its all about family and fun.

You won’t find trophies at No Boring Bits – although the odd chocolate fish may be awarded for the best crash, most dropped sausages, worst coffee, or biggest smile, so if you love cycling and want to join then all you have to do is bring the bike and help make social cycling what it was always meant to be – social!
  • Social cycling is about fun
  • Social cycling is about support
  • Social cycling is about friendships
  • Social cycling is about obeying the road rules
  • Social cycling is about sharing the roads and being courteous to our four wheel friends 

Whilst No Boring Bits is social and very informal, we also encourage you to support your local clubs as NBB Groupthese people often provide facilities that we all enjoy using, and membership fees go a long way towards maintaining the tracks and equipment.

For those wanting a blend of social and competitive rides there are also opportunities to carpool or share accommodation at other competitive and non-competitive events.

Join the new social cycling revolution by simply signing up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated with all our upcoming rides and activities – and don’t forget to join us on Facebook by clicking here and joining the NBB group.

There’s often a whole lot of sitting around socialising together with a whole lot of fun at any NBB gathering so make some time, check the events calendar, and come and join the crew!

And remember – the only pressure on an NBB ride will be in your tyres!