Ride Etiquette

Our rides are about being safe and fun so we like to adhere to a few simple guidelines:

  • We never leave you behind – NBB rides are strictly no drop and the pace will be set to ensure everyone has a good time.
  • When we arrive at a road or trail intersection we wait, and sometimes wait a bit longer, and only after the next riders approach will we move on. Getting lost is not something we do (often).
  • When descending always give way to the uphill riders unless they’re going the wrong way on a one way trail in which case they’re fair game.
  • No cussing in front of youngsters or anyone easily offended (or at all if possible).
  • On the road we share with care as a car still weighs a lot more than a bike so you will always come off second best.
  • Arguing over being awarded the pink tassles will see an extension applied to the punishment – sorry but that’s just the way it is.
  • Rusty is always right.
  • Ignore the last guideline.
  • Just have fun – that’s the only reason we do this!
  • Can whoever stole the pink tassles please return them?